Influencer Program

Think Influencer

Are you passionate about you and your family’s health and wellness? We are looking for amazing humans to join our brand ambassador program! If you are a content creator and align with our core values – we want to talk to you!

Do you have 10k+ followers?
Then you qualify to join the THINK Influencer Program!



  • Receive free product in exchange for social media posts.
  • Join a community of like-minded individuals with which to grow and collaborate.
  • Receive invites to our exclusive THINK events.
  • Receive support for your content on @gothinkco social media, giving you more exposure and helping you expand your network.
  • And more as you and we grow!




Q: Who can become a Think ambassador?

A: If you are a content creator, align with our core values and live the “THINK lifestyle” you are eligible to become a THINK ambassador. The minimum number of followers for our ambassador program is 10,000.

Q: What if I have under 10,000 followers, can I still be part of the ambassador program?

A: We are happy to offer a one-time coupon to help you purchase a THINK product to share on your social networks or host a giveaway with your followers!

Q: How will I know if I’ve been accepted into the ambassador program?

A: We send accepted applicants a welcome email notifying them of their new ambassador status

Q: What are the benefits of being in the ambassador program?

A: As a brand ambassador, you’ll receive free product in exchange for showing us some love on social media, opportunities for exposure on THINK social media channels, plus you’ll get to join a community to grow and collaborate with! Ambassadors joining with over 50k followers will receive a beautiful welcome gift bag upon joining the program.

Q: How do I update my address as an ambassador?

A: To update your address, simply email

Q: How often are THINK boxes sent to ambassadors?

A: We send out monthly boxes to our US ambassadors; however, we like to rotate recipients so everyone gets turn! When deciding who gets a box send, we like to reward the ambassadors who share the most love about us on their social accounts! Conversely, ambassadors who do not post will eventually be removed from our shipping lists for inactivity.