Thinksocial was born to give back and support synergistic socially responsible organizations.

Thinksocial: The Democratization of Social Responsibility

“I founded Thinkbaby & Thinksport to not only create safer products, but to be a socially & environmentally responsible partner to communities and the planet. This was the inspiration for our Thinksocial program.”

- Kevin Brodwick
Founder, Thinkbaby & Thinksport (2018)

The launch of Thinksocial over ten years ago allowed Thinkbaby & Thinksport to give back through partnerships with like-minded companies committed to animal, environmental, and scientific research. What is our common goal? To make our world healthier, safer, less toxic, and sometimes…just help people that are struggling and need a hand.

The Thinksocial program has given back over $500,0000 to select partners including Breast Cancer Fund, The Environmental Working Group, The LIVESTRONG Foundation, Healthy Child Healthy World, Haiti Earthquake Victims Fund, and Save the Whales. In addition, Thinksocial provides product donations for a variety of fundraising efforts ranging from diabetes to cancer organizations.

So what is next for Thinksocial? How can we evolve this program and make an even greater impact? We think the answer is what we call, the “democratization of social responsibility”. That is just a fancy way of saying we want you, our Thinkers, to play a HUGE role in directing financial support to existing partners and even suggesting others you think we should consider supporting.

To Date, Thinkbaby & Thinksport Has Donated:

Welcome to #Vote Thinksocial

“When creating Thinksocial, we wanted to empower our followers and leverage their collective wisdom with a shared purpose of giving back to the world. Making the world safer requires the power of community. I also knew our “thinkers”, our brand champions would enhance the awareness of our partner organizations, elevating their profiles.”

- Kevin Brodwick
Founder, Thinkbaby & Thinksport (2019)

Vote Thinksocial looks to inspire, activate, and empower our customers and followers…YOUR voice matters. Vote Thinksocial gives you the power to determine which of our nonprofit partners you would like to receive a donation from our Thinksocial program. Whether your passion focuses on animal welfare, scientific research, children, or environmental safety, your participation in Vote Thinksocial allows us to make an impact together.

How does “#Vote Thinksocial” work? It’s simple:

1. Make sure you follow @thinkbabythinksport or @thinksport on Instagram.
2. Every two weeks, followers vote on which of two non-profits you would like to receive the $1,000 donation.
3. Voting takes place in the comments using a given hashtag for the nonprofit of your choice.
4. The non-profit with the most votes wins the $1,000 donation.

If your favorite nonprofit didn’t receive THIS donation, know that each non-profit partner has additional opportunities to win throughout the year.

Spread the Word

Information is power! Spreading the word drives awareness of our common cause, but most importantly it shines a light on the great work of our partner organizations. Vote Thinksocial was created for you and because of you. Let’s do it together.

How can I get my nonprofit involved?
We’re always looking to add nonprofit partners that align with our brand and core beliefs. If you’re interested in your nonprofit being part of our “Vote Thinksocial” campaign, please fill out the form listed below and we will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

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