Thinksport Bottle Top and Strap

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Includes one top, strap and collar. Fits any Thinksport insulated sports bottle size.

The metal tops are made with 18/8 medical-grade 304 stainless steel.  The strap and interior wall of the top are made with polypropylene.

Directions: Use top, collar and strap assembly on any Thinksport 12oz (350ml), 17oz (500ml), or 25oz (750ml) insulated bottle. Simply push the ring of the strap around the neck of the bottle and then tighten down the collar.

Dishwasher safe - utensil or top rack recommended.

Why a sports bottle?
When we introduced the Thinksport bottle over 8 years ago, most reusable bottles were made of polycarbonate material, which leaches Bisphenol-A (BPA). More recently, it has been shown that aluminum bottles with epoxy liners also leach this harmful chemical. So we first and foremost set out to find a safe material that adhered to our strict chemical policy. All Thinksport bottles are made of 18/8 medical- grade stainless steel. We then went on to design our bottles to be highly functional and great-looking too!
How is the Thinksport bottle different?
All Thinksport bottles are super insulated to keep the contents cold or hot for hours. You can fill our bottle with ice and your favorite drink and enjoy a cold drink without the bottle sweating all over your gym bag, backpack, or desk. All of our bottles also feature a wide mouth opening (for ease of filling and cleaning) and a smaller polypropylene spout (for convenient drinking). We've also built in unique functionality like an interior mesh filter that keeps ice from blocking the drinking spout and allows users to brew tea on the go. So, you get a high-quality insulated sports bottle for about the same price as the other guys' basic single-walled bottles.

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