Thinkbaby Skin Care Gift Set

Non Toxic Baby Gifts

Best Non-Toxic Baby Skin Care Gift Bundle

The perfect organic gifts for mom to be or newborn baby, our Thinkbaby Baby Care Gift Set has all the baby care essentials for bath time and playtime.


  • Thinkbaby Cradle Cap Cream
  • Thinkbaby Eczema Lotion
  • Thinkbaby Shampoo & Body Wash, Papaya
  • Thinkbaby Safe Sunscreen 

Benefits of the Safe Baby Bundle

Whether you're trying to keep you little one protected from UV rays, or soothing their delicate newborn skin, this bundle has it all.

  • Prevent and treat common baby skin issues like Eczema or Cradle Cap with a safer, non-toxic formula that's both affordable and effective. 
  • Protect your baby's sensitive skin from harmful sunlight without exposing them to harmful chemicals. 
  • Keep them clean and safe with dual-action gentle cleanser works to keep your baby's hair and body clean without harsh chemicals or drying sulfates.

Organic Cradle Cap Cream

ThinkBaby cradle cap cream can improve the appearance of dry, flaky scalp associated with common scalp and skin conditions, like mild eczema, and cradle cap (pediatric seborrheic dermatitis).

Eczema Lotion

Our intensely moisturizing ThinkBaby Eczema lotion formula helps relieve irritated and itchy skin by protecting against moisture loss, helping to prevent future eczema flare-ups and dry patches.

Thinkbaby Shampoo & Body Wash

Enriched with Aloe, Green Tea and Papaya, this tear-free formula is pediatrician dermatologist recommended for its highly efficacious science backed ingredients.