Thinkbaby Safe Toddler Bundle

Looking for a safe and easy way to bathe your toddler? Look no further than the Thinkbaby Safe Toddler Bundle. This kit includes non-toxic, EWG Rated bath and skin care products, plus our eco-conscious stainless steel straw bottle. Featuring our best-selling Tear-Free Shampoo & body Wash, this bundle is perfect for keeping your child's skin soft and healthy. Plus, our gentle Thinksport Kids Bubble Bath is perfect for a little extra fun. So don't wait - get the Thinkbaby Safe Toddler Bundle today!

5 Piece Kit Includes:

  • Thinkster Stainless Steel Straw Bottle
  • Neoprene Thermal Sleeve for Bottle
  • Thinkbaby Papaya Shampoo & Body Wash
  • ThinkSport Kids Bubble Bath
  • Thinkbaby Eczema Lotion