Think Ambassador Program

Our Mission: Thinkbaby and Thinksport lead in the production of safe non-toxic solutions for babies to athletes. Our mission to educate the masses and supply everyone with safe consumer products has been shared amongst many mom’s, athletes and fitness aficionados. We do not hire doctors or celebrities to attempt to convince you that what we're doing is important for you and the environment. Instead, we let the science and our "thinkers" do the talking.

Think Ambassador Inception: Over the years, requests have flooded our inboxes with safe product enthusiasts wanting to further connect with our company, our mission statement and the development of products. From this, the inception of Think Ambassadors was born.

Definition: Think Ambassador (n) 1. Person who exercises the power of judgment, conception or inference. 2. Person concerned about toxic chemicals in products that they use. Uses Thinkbaby and Thinksport products and likes to tell the world about it!

What it means to be a Think Ambassador: Thinkbaby and Thinksport seek ambassadors to share information about the science and safety behind what we do. We have created the Think Ambassador program to help educate the world on the ever-growing issue of chemical laden consumer products. Think ambassadors will have the opportunity to represent our brand, make an impact in their own community and gain insight on our latest product development.

How YOU or your TEAM can become a Think Ambassador: We want enthusiastic, health-conscious, active community leaders to become a part of our Think Ambassador program.


Please email with any questions.

Some of Our Ambassadors

Mike Lovato

Pro Triathlete

"Spending as much time outdoors as I do, coupled with the intense sunshine of Colorado's high altitude, I have established myself as a bit of a sunscreen expert. Thankfully, I have found Thinksport, and I can feel good about the product I am applying to my body. Not all sunscreens are created equal, and with Thinksport I don't have to worry about toxins or dangerous chemicals."

Julie Stupp

Professional Triathlete and Former Team USA Swimming Member

“After swimming for years in an outdoor pool, I could see the beginning stages of permanent sun damage in my skin. I moved to Austin in 2013 to begin training as a professional triathlete and found Thinksport sunscreen. Since then, I haven’t worried at all about running, swimming or biking in the sun because I have the ultimate confidence in Thinksport protecting my skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. My favorite product is our Everyday Face Safe Sunscreen!”

Amanda Lovato

Pro Triathlete

"When I moved to Colorado, I became increasingly concerned with protecting my skin, its health, and its appearance. With Thinksport I truly feel that I can spend time outdoors without compromising my the health and wellness of my body. Thank goodness!"

Ed Brown

Movie Producer / Unacceptable Levels

"There's no question in my mind, when you look at these products and you use them for the first time, you know that real thought went into every aspect of their design to not just look great and work well, but to be safe. ThinkBaby is one of the finest companies that I've encountered over the years, and there is no question, you will think the same thing."

Kim Diggs

Pro Surfer

"Thinkbaby and Thinksport are awesome! i've used both the baby one and SPORT and seem to work really well. Surfed and spent more than three hours yesterday in the water and it kept me safe!"

Whitney Hedgepeth

Olympian / Mother

Whitney is a former US Olympic swimmer (gold, two silvers). She was just named US Master's Swimming Coach of the year (2013). When she's not chasing swimmers around, she is busy raising three wonderful kids. We're very excited to have Whitney as our latest addition to the Thinker Team.

Paul Terranova

Ultra Runner / Triathlete

"I'm so thankful that Thinksport is a pioneer in creating and pushing the envelope of safe, functional, and sustainable products for athletes, children, and ultimately for all humankind. The Thinksport 25oz insulated sport bottle LIVES in my vehicle and keeps drinking water cold even on the hottest Texas summer day, and we have LOTS of those. Thinksport Livestrong sunscreen keeps me sunburn-free all throughout the year from the trails of California, Colorado, Utah, and Texas to the asphalt pavement of the Queen "K" Kaahumanu Highway in Kona, Hawaii. I don't go anywhere without it. The world today is complicated enough, it's utterly refreshing to be affiliated with a company that keeps it simple with respect to chemical-free products that remain that way throughout their entire lifecycle!"

Luke Nelson

Ultra Runner

"I am a student of the mountains. I spend long hours on a daily basis traveling on foot through the wild places of Idaho and throughout the world. It is critical to keep my skin protected from the sun and it’s harsh effects at altitude. My grandparents both had multiple cancerous lesions removed which served as a lesson to me that our skin needs some help. I strive to keep as much harmful crap out of my body as possible as I try to protect it and the Thinksport products are the answer. The sunscreen has protected me from the sun at home and abroad. The soap and lotion keeps my skin happy, and knocks down the offensive odors that come from training multiple times a day. I couldn’t be happier to be involved with Thinksport and its products."

Brandon Marsh

Pro Triathlete

"In a world that surrounds us with harmful chemicals and emissions it is nice to know that my sun protection during the day is free from harmful chemicals. It's also very refreshing, literally, to wrap up workouts and the day with shampoos and body products that are less synthetic and clean. Really though, Thinksport is becoming a model for other companies based on their focus on material safety in their products, making functional products that work and last, and by contributing to sustainability through producing products that last and are recyclable."

-Brandon Marsh

All around nice guy, Top US Long Course Triathlete

Amy Marsh

Pro Triathlete

"Absolutely love Thinksport products. I have worn the Thinksport sunscreen in the hot/humid conditions at Ironman Hawaii (9 hour race) the the past couple of years with no signs of sun burn. Not only does it protect me from the dangerous UV rays but it's also nice to know that it's good for my skin with no harmful chemicals added. Plus, I really like that all of the body products and sunscreens smell great!"

- Amy Marsh

4xIM Champion, 2xIM Distance Champion, Top-10 IM WC Finisher

Des Ficker

Pro Triathlete / US Marathon

Austin Flyers

Cycling Team