Clean Baby Registry Must-Haves!

Looking for a clean, non-toxic baby registry ideas? Look no further than Thinkbaby! Our baby products are made with love and safe for newborns. We use only natural ingredients to ensure that they're gentle on sensitive skin. You can rest assured, eco-consious mom's to be will love your gift from Thinkbaby.

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New Safe Skin Care
for Babies

Featuring our 2 NEW organic baby skin care products: Sensitve Skin Lotion and Moisturizing Massage Cream.
These comforting skin solutions work to deeply nourish and moisturize your baby's skin without the use of harmful chemicals. Pediatric-Dermatologist recommended and Cruelty-Free.

NEW! Sensitive Skin Lotion

Safe for mom and baby, this Pediatric-Dermatologist recommended organic baby lotion works to soothe skin while deeply moisturizing. Highly effective for everyday use. Non-Comedogenic and safe for babies with sensitive skin.

NEW! Massage Moisture Cream

Calming Lavendar scent and gentle hydration sooths baby's skin and senses. Lock in soft, long-lasting hydration while providing support and protection to their developing skin for calming comfort.

Award-Winning Thinkbaby
Safe Sunscreen

Thinkbaby Safe Sunscreen offers a safer alternative for protecting your baby from harmful UVA/UVB rays, free radicals, irritants and biologically harmful chemicals found in many “natural” baby sunscreens on the market.

New! Clear Zinc Sunscreen (SPF30) Coming Soon!

Water-resistant and enriched with leading safe ingredients like non-nano clear Zinc Oxide and cooling Aloe. Provides broad spectrum protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays, without leaving a white cast on your child's skin.

Sun Stick for Easy Application

Parents love the Thinkbaby Sunscreen Stick, especially for reapplication! Our Sunscreen Stick is quick to grab and glides on easy so your child can get back to play as soon as possible.

Aloe Vera After Sun Gel

Soothing aloe vera to help treat your baby's skin after any over exposure. Our After Sun Gl completed EWG Verified certification and meets the strictest standards for your health.

Sun Care Set For Mom

Don't forget to keep youself covered after you've wrangled the kids. This Sun Care Gift set has everything you'll need to stay sun safe while on the go.

Family Sunscreen Gift Set

All you need for a day on the slopes, beach, or at the pool: Sunscreen, Aloe Vera, Chlorine Remover and SPF lip balm. Your family will thank you!

Non-Toxic Baby Sunscreen


Thinkbaby sunscreen is the perfect choice for parents who want to protect their children from the sun in a safe and natural way. The organic and mineral based ingredients are gentle on your child's skin, and the sunscreen is reef safe so you can rest easy knowing that your child is being protected while swimming.

Plus, it's water resistant up to 80 minutes, so you can be sure your child will stay protected even if they get wet.

Clean Bath & Body Care for Babies

Looking for a bath and body care line that is safe for your little one? Look no further than Thinkbaby! Our products are formulated specifically for baby's sensitive skin, and are free from harmful ingredients like BPA and Parabens. With Thinkbaby, you can feel good about using products that are gentle and effective - perfect for keeping your baby clean and healthy. Give us a try today, and see the difference our products can make!

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Thinkbaby Bottle System

Thinkbaby bottles are here to help you keep your house clean and green. The durable, sustainable system is perfect for parents who want an easy way of preventing unnecessary waste!

The trainer cup system easily convers into sippy or straw when your child grows out of it, without having any unnecessary pieces left over!

A great gift for any eco-consious parent-to-be.

Start With These...

Baby Bottle | 0-9 Months

Features a no-spill, cross-cut design to mimic natural breastfeeding. The extra soft, Anti-Colic nipple helps reduce gas, spit up, and provides a much cleaner, natural feeding experience for your child.

Sippy Cup | 9-36 Months

Once your baby is ready to switch from baby bottles to sippy cups, the Sippy of Steel cup is a great option. The extra soft silicone spout makes the transition from bottle to sippy cup easier.

Straw Cup | 16-48 Months

Or choose the Thinkster of Steel straw cup, ideal for 16 to 48 months. No spill straw! Features our cross cut design, easy to use handle grips and travel top for easy use and extra convenience.

Grow with These...

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Good Housekeeping Award Winner

EWG Sun & Body Care For Kids