Dr. Heidi Goodarzi's Favorite THINK Products

Why Do You Love THINK?

"My love for the Think Baby line started with me looking for non-nano zinc sunscreens for kids. I am ok with nano zinc particles for kids with an intact skin barrier but for compromised skin, such as in eczema, I worry about absorption of zinc nanoparticles into the skin.

Finding Think was a great way to not only get non-nano zinc for my children and my babies, but I also found a wash that is made to remove the white stickiness off my kids #bonus :)

I also like that these products are made in the USA."

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What Are Your Favorite THINK Products?


"I love a clean non-nano zinc sunscreen for kids. I am usually ok with nano zinc particles for kids who have a healthy and intact skin barrier but for kids with compromised skin, such as those with eczema, I worry about absorption of zinc nanoparticles into the skin.

I love that this sunscreen is SPF 50, broad-spectrum (protects against UVA and UVB), water-resistant for up to 80 min, and is a 100% mineral formula with no chemical sunscreens which means it is reef friendly.

It really is the perfect sunscreen for kids."

"The number one complaint I get from parents when recommending zinc/mineral sunscreens is that they
experience a white, sticky, residue that remains even after showering.

This is a genius product that beats
so many other baby washes because it can remove any sunscreen after a day at the pool or on the beach!"

"Covid-19 has changed many things, but nothing is more challenging than dressing your squirmy kids AND
applying SPF before they head off to school. These sticks are heaven-sent!

I love this product because it is SPF 30 (I do not recommend sunscreens less than SPF 30 for the face or body), it is broad spectrum which means it protects against UVA and UVB, is water-resistant for up to 80 min, is mineral only, and most importantly…it fits in my purse :)."

"People usually forget about protecting their lips. It’s important to apply sunscreen on lips too because we see a lot of sun damage and even skin cancer on the lip within dermatology.

This is a perfect replacement for your regular lip balm on sunny days. It is a zinc-based, SPF 18, water-resistant, balm."

"This is a great product for preventing diaper rash. It protects the delicate skin found on your baby’s bum by creating a barrier between their skin and their urine, stool and the often-times irritating diaper material.

I like this product not only because it is zinc-based but because it is non-nano zinc. Anytime there is a compromised skin-barrier there is concern about absorption of products into the skin which is why non-nano particles are preferred in this instance."