Non-Toxic Skin and Body Care Products for Babies

Non-Toxic Skin and Body Care Products for Babies

Clean baby care has become a hot topic and for good reason. Keeping your little one protected is one of the top priorities in parenting. While what is best for raising a baby may vary from parent to parent, it is crucial to take care of your baby's skin health, as our skin is our largest organ and can help protect us from the elements.  

Always look for clean baby care products. When choosing skin care products for your baby, check the labels for pediatrician recommended, cruelty-free, tear-free formulas and EWG rated/verified to ensure your baby is getting the best, non-toxic skincare products for their skin.  

 Why natural products are important for babies  

Why natural products are important for babies

Babies' skin can be more prone to having negative reactions from ingredients because they are still developing and can be sensitive to ingredients that older children and adults can more easily naturally detox. While certain products may pass the FDA approval to be sold in stores, that does not necessarily mean they are the best or even good products for you to use on your baby's skin. 

 When it comes to skincare, FDA regulations can be less inhibited. Many harmful products can make it to the marketplace. Certain chemicals that are formulated into baby skincare products can cause skin allergies, inflammation and can trigger or worsen skin conditions such as eczema, cradle cap, and diaper rash. Checking for the EWG rating on products can help ensure that the products you are selecting are free of harmful toxins and chemicals.  

Ingredients to avoid for your baby 

It is crucial to look for tear-free formulas to avoid eye irritation, especially when searching for baby shampoos and body washes. Many cleansing products for babies and adults can contain sulfates and parabens. These cleansing detergents can dry out the skin and scalp and can cause skin irritation which can potentially lead to other health issues for your baby.  

Unfortunately, even big brands with household names don’t always have the best ingredients for babies in their formulas. Fragrance, which can also be listed as parfum, is another ingredient to avoid. Unless the fragrance is a natural one consisting of essential oils, it can be harmful to babies' sensitive skin and can irritate the skin and eyes. Mineral oil, a petroleum-like product, is another ingredient that should be avoided for babies.  

Due to its ability to be cheaply made, it is found in many baby products. Since mineral oil is a petroleum-like product, it can clog the pores, making it harder for the skin’s natural oils to lubricate the skin, which can lead to irritation. Essentially where it should be providing moisture to the skin, it merely coats the outer layer of the skin, blocking moisture to get in, or natural oils to provide lubrication.  

What products are not safe for babies?   

Products that are not safe for babies often include formulas that are not dermatologist recommended and formulas that are not tear-free or hypoallergenic. Unsafe baby products can often cause skin irritation and can trigger skin disorders.  

Highly recommended Non-Toxic Baby Care  

While it can be daunting to find clean, toxic-free products for babies, it is not impossible. Organic, vegan, GMO-free, Chemical-free, clean-baby products are on the market and are highly effective for safely caring for your baby's sensitive skin. 

 When looking for the safest organic baby bath and body care, 2 things are critical:  

✔️ Non-toxic and natural ingredients  

✔️ Sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing and packaging  

We’ve created the ThinkBaby Bath & Body line to ensure both of these are considered.  

All our ThinkBaby Bath & Body are created with the goal of achieving top

rankings from the Environmental Working Group (EWG rated 1-2, safest possible)*.  

Non-toxic Baby Shampoos/Body washes 

Think Baby Papaya Shampoo and Body is a dual-action gentle cleanser that works to keep your baby's hair and body clean without harsh chemicals or drying sulfates. 

Enriched with Aloe, Green Tea, and Papaya, this tear-free formula is pediatrician dermatologist recommended for its highly efficacious science-backed ingredients. 

Clean Baby Lotion 

Best Non-Toxic Baby Lotion - Thinkbaby Sensitive Skin Lotion

Our organic Thinkbaby Baby Lotion (Unscented) is free of biologically harmful chemicals and designed for environmentally conscious parents and their little ones. Safe for mom and baby, this Pediatric-Dermatologist recommended organic baby lotion works to soothe skin while deeply moisturizing. 

  • Ultra-moisturizing, long-lasting 
  • Highly effective for everyday use 
  • Non-Comedogenic 

Features & Benefits: 

  • EWG Verified and Rated 
  • Organic skin safe formula 
  • Fragrance Free and quick absorbing 
  • Soothing relief - perfect for dry and sensitive skin 
  • Pediatric Dermatologist tested 

Formulation based on premium care ingredients and our scientific expertise in creating safer products. 

Vegan Baby Sun Care 

Reef Safe Sunscreen for Babies - Thinkbaby Mineral Sun Block (Mineral based)

Thinkbaby Safe Sunscreen offers a safer alternative for protecting your baby from harmful UVA/UVB rays, free radicals, irritants and biologically harmful chemicals found in many “natural” baby sunscreens on the market.  

What Makes Think Baby Sunscreen a safer alternative? 

  • BPA Free 
  • Organic and mineral based 
  • Non-Aerosol & Biodegradable 
  • Reef Safe 
  • Water Resistant up to 80 minutes 
  • Paraben free 
  • Pediatrician-dermatologist tested. 

Enjoy the sun with your baby year-round with highly efficacious, gentle ingredients.  

  • SPF50 Broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection 
  • Water resistance (80 minutes) 
  • Non-aerosol formulation 
  • Applies and absorbs easily. Non-oily feel. 
  • Made and manufactured in the USA 
  • Free of biologically harmful chemicals. No PABA, parabens, phthalates, BPA, oxybenzone, avobenzone, petroleum, gluten, dairy, or toxic chemicals. No animal by-products or testing. 

What baby products are the safest? 

The safest products to use on your baby's ever-developing skin are ones that are chemical-free, vegan, hypoallergenic, EWG verified with tear-free formulas, and dermatologist recommendations. It is imperative to use products that work well for your baby’s needs. If your baby ever develops a skin irritation using a certain product, stop using it immediately.  

What are the cleanest baby products? 

The cleanest baby products are vegan, soy-free, GMO-free, free of toxic chemicals and EWG verified.. Always check the labels and research products before purchasing to ensure they are clean.  

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What products are safe for newborns?  

A newborn baby's skin is much thinner than children’s and adults, which can make it more sensitive. While their skin does become thicker after the first year, it is important to keep it protected. A great way to search for baby-safe products is with the Skin Deep database from the FDA and the Environmental Working Group.  

This database includes over 2,000 baby products that are safe to use for babies. It is also important to not put too many different products on at once. Introduce one product at a time to avoid skin irritation.  

Caring for your baby’s skin can be made easier by utilizing tools like the Skin Deep database, checking labels, and introducing new products to your baby one at a time. Avoid products with chemicals and harmful formulations.  

What are your favorite non-toxic baby products? 


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